13th Theatre Co Protection Policy for Children and Vulnerable Adults

13th Theatre Company is open to the public and conducts activities and events at hired premises and at other venues. This work will involve performances open to the public. Our work involves working with children and vulnerable adults and we have a duty to protect these individuals by providing clear guidelines for our cast, crew, volunteers, unpaid and paid workers.


All staff, volunteers, cast and crew are given basic awareness training and more in depth training a required, to ensure they are operating within these policies.


13th Theatre Company hired premises and other places used 13th Theatre Company, where activities are run are safe for children, young people and vulnerable adults


Support is offered to paid and unpaid workers to implement child and vulnerable adult protection procedures


Working practices promote safety for children, young people, vulnerable adult, other cast and workers


This statement protects children and vulnerable members and in fact all participants in 13th Theatre Company from the following forms of abuse:



Physical violence, pulling or touching a person in a harsh and angry manner, physically threatening behaviour



Bullying, angry words, behaviour that undermines the confidence and emotional well being of a person. Threatening behaviour, persistent sarcasm that frightens or weakens an individual



Sexual advances. Initiating sexual contact, whether the child or person is aware or unaware of the actions. Taking part in sexual intercourse whether the child or person is aware of the situation. Encouraging and participating in production of, viewing pornographic material in any form. Encouraging a child/person to behave in a sexually inappropriate way


Abuse by Neglect

Failure to meet a child/persons basic needs to support health and mental wellbeing. Supporting needs for food, shelter, warmth and physical safety. Within this requirement is the need to ensure medical attention if required as advised by parents/guardian.

Protection Policy

13th Theatre Company recognises and adheres to the requirements of the current legislation for the protection of children and vulnerable adults.


13th Theatre Company recognise its duty of care to children and vulnerable adults by all its members, whether trainees, members, its staff and volunteers both paid and unpaid.


13Th Theatre Company will take all allegations of abusive behaviour and or practice in all forms seriously and will respond to such allegations quickly.


13th Theatre Company considers that in any aspect of work carried out by its members, the safety of the participants and conservation of the environment are of paramount importance at all times.


For the purposes of clarity, activities are defined as all related drama, story writing, role play, art, craft and film making production as well as public performances.


Nothing in this policy should over-ride the paramount concern, that of protecting children or vulnerable people. This policy will be used to support the work of the relevant agencies to protect such a group.

Code of Behaviour for 13th Theatre Company Members

Members should:


Put the welfare of a child/vulnerable adult/participant first.


Act as a positive role model.


Recognise the developmental needs of a participant, whether child or adult.


Set and monitor appropriate boundaries and relationships when working with clients, based on openness, honesty and respect for the client’s personal space.


Plan activities that avoid you working in isolation with children and vulnerable adults. Create and maintain a safe and caring environment that enables children and vulnerable adults to raise concerns about attitudes or behaviour they do not like.


Challenge activities which do not promote the above.


Take action if they have concerns about a child or vulnerable adult’s welfare, or if they have concerns about the behaviour of an adult towards a child- NON ACTION IS UNACCEPTABLE.


Ensure physical contact does not occur without the prior consent of a parent or guardian, where support is needed to physically support a child or vulnerable adult to learn a performance technique or support is required to assist with putting on costume, where two volunteers would be present and the consent of parents/guardians is sought.


If costumes, microphones needs to be fitted to a child/person this must be with prior consent of a parent or guardian, and in the presence of a chaperone. The child/ person should be given full details of the actions to be taken by their parents/ guardian then by the staff member, treating the child/person with respect whilst the action is being carried out.


Challenge sensitively inappropriate behaviour from a child or vulnerable adult.


For example attention seeking, following a member of staff,/cast member around, a perceived crush on a member of staff or cast member. If this is focused on you, seek support, inform the Director for support to ensure this behaviour does not continue.


Engage in flirtatious behaviour, innuendo or suggestive terms, gestures or indicate such to anyone involved with 13th Theatre Company, this conduct is not acceptable within the activities of this company.


Changing rooms will be allocated to protect the rights of children and vulnerable adults. If support is required this will be given only with prior consent from parents/guardians and two chaperones who are licensed by the local authority will support the person. Changing rooms will not be accessed at any time, by any member of the cast, staff or volunteers. These are regulations from 13th Theatre Company, AND MUST BE ADHERED TO; DISMISSAL AND SUBSEQUENT LEGAL ACTION WILL FOLLOW FOR ANYONE BREAKING THE ABOVE CODE OF CONDUCT.


Do not offer lifts in a vehicle home, or to the 13th Theatre Company venue to children or vulnerable adults.



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Protection Policy

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