‘Hooked on Oxford’ tells the story of fighting for what you believe in the beautiful city of Oxford.


Moving to Oxford from London to continue her social business, Celia brings along a box full of family heirlooms of her great, great, great, great grandmother Alice. In it lie the clues to a Watermill to use as a place of business using sustainable energy. However, Celia faces a series of obstacles before she can achieve her dream.


Celia will come up against the nouveau riche Selphy family who wants to have everything and to develop the Mill into expensive apartments.


Gina Selphy, only daughter to Queenie and Rex, leads a double life unknown to anyone.


The Tweed brothers, two Oxford Dons, help with a protest that revolves around the redevelopment of the Mill.


Ben Jackson, who carves wooden hearts and has fallen for Celia.


With a love triangle and some romance, can things change for the better?


Will the Selphys eventually come to realise there is more to life than money?


We have some characters cast but we need more so please do not hesitate to contact us, who knows where it may lead. We also need crew members, no experience necessary as you can learn on the job, so to speak.



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