Why fit the mould, when you can create it!


This statement lies at the heart of 13th Theatre Co's ethos. Creativity comes from within as we are all born with one or more talents, which we sometimes are scared to unlock. 13th Theatre Co believes that, by unlocking people's true talents, they can go onto to lead a purposeful life.


Theatre is not just about actors, there are other skills in demand as well, such as writing, designing, and technical skills. So if you have dreamed of being in theatre but are scared, nervous or shy, why not give us a try? We believe that we can enable people to reach their full potential in this respect, for which reason we run workshops for children and adults.


13th Theatre Co. is also a social enterprise, working within the community and donating 10% of their profits to local charities. The theatrical organisation is currently working with the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance. We are a triple bottom line company, which means we support people, the planet and our profits go to the community. We also help raise awareness in the areas of bullying, self-esteem and disability.


13th Theatre Co. is an equal rights, socially inclusive company and we are open to people of all ages. Please contact us if you are interested in what we do and would like to learn more about the company.

Oxford Brookes Social Enterprise Award Winners 2017

Our Patron


We are honoured to have, that well-known actor, Nicholas Lumley as 13th Theatre Company's Patron.


View Nicholas's CV

BBC Get Creative


We are delighted are BBC Get Creative Champion. Get Creative is a major celebration of the nation's arts, culture and creativity. Led by BBC ARTS and What Next?


In collaboration with a huge range of arts, cultural and voluntary organisations, everyone is invited to get involved and share their creative talents. The aim is to celebrate the millions of people who are already doing something artistic and creative, and to challenge others to do or experience creativity in a wide range of different fields.


So come and Get Creative with us, we have acting workshops, productions in progress and we are looking for people who are also interested in design, writing, music etc to get involved. If you would like to be involved please contact us at info@13ththeatreco.co.uk.


13th Theatre Company is proud to be involved in the BBC's Get Creative Campaign. As a Get Creative Champion we are launching the Get Creative Creativity social Club on the Tuesday 7th July at Corpus Christi Church Hall, Margaret Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 from 2-3pm.


At the club you can meet people and release your creativity by having a go at art, photography, writing, knitting, poetry and drama. No experience required just come along and have fun. We supply the refreshments and materials you need to release your creativity. Prices: £5.00, £4.00 for children, oaps, unemployed, students and disabled people, £9.00 for 2 people who are related to each other.


Group discounts are available for groups of 10 people.

For further information contact info@13ththeatreco.co.uk

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